Forrester after Being Swamped by Google Wave

May 31, 2009

Forrester published reports about search with the “wave” tag. Now Google has usurped “wave” for its new approach to communications. Forrester, one of the azure chip consulting firms, has responded with its own repositioning. You can read “Independent Research Firm to Provide Proven Tactics for Integrating Email, Social Strategies” here.

The news item said:

One of the nation’s leading research firms will provide proven tactics for integrating social media into email marketing campaigns during a Webinar.

That’s what Google Wave is supposed to offer as one of its functions. The technology for the Forrester Webinar comes from ExactTarget. No waves in sight.

Stephen Arnold, May 30, 2009


One Response to “Forrester after Being Swamped by Google Wave”

  1. Craig VerColen on June 1st, 2009 8:41 pm

    With all due respect, that’s clearly an ExactTarget press release headline announcing a Webinar that will feature some schmo from Forrester spouting recycled research. It’s hardly Forrester getting uppity on the Goog. Just one of their clients spending the credits (Forrester’s form of monopoly money or tokens) that come with a 5-figure ‘research’ contract. You can tell by the use of “Independent Research Firm” in the headline. See: section two, under press release guidelines. If it was a Forrester led webinar or marketing event, it would say Forrester in the headline. Clients aren’t allowed to imply such endorsement, something most learn when penning press releases and web copy related to a Forrester Wave. 😉

    BTW — if you ever get somebody in the know at Forrester to buy you a drink, ask ’em for the story behind the creation of the Wave — why they created a Magic Quadrantesque competitor. It’s a doozy.

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