Google, Microblogging, and the Building Wave

June 14, 2009

Over the last several days, I have spoken with a number of people about dataspaces and one component of that subsystem, Google Wave. I am not willing to present that detail in this free Web log, but I can point to one article that is useful. Google’s own announcement comes when most mavens and pundits are resting for the long public relations charged week ahead. On the surface, the Google is getting into the Microblogging game. Twitter is the poster child but the teen idol is about to make an appearance. What’s the protein that hooks together the three genetic blobs? How do dataspaces, wave, and microblogging mesh? One hint: Microblogging is one building block, not the arm or the leg. Mashable asks a couple of other questions, which in my opinion, miss the main event, but decide for yourself:

Could Google have made a deal with Twitter? Or is Google undertaking this project on its own? These are questions we’re going to ask as more details about this project are released (or get leaked). What do you think – is this a smart move by Google? And what effect could this have on Twitter?

Stephen Arnold, June 14, 2009


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