Selling Bing: Great Expectorations

July 2, 2009

I was not going to comment on the vomit and porn advertisement for Microsoft. Nasty stuff. I want to point you, gentle reader, to the Register’s “Microsoft Distances Self from IE 8 Puke Ads.” Gavin Clark wrote:

Microsoft told Cnet‘s Chris Matyszczyk: “While much of the feedback to this particular piece of creative was positive, some of our customers found it offensive, so we have removed it.” The ad was one of four in Microsoft’s Better Browser campaign of spoof 1950s informercials, and the point was to promote IE 8’s private browsing feature.

Impressive creative and remarkable rationalization. However, keep in mind that this is a company that bought a search vendor involved in an ongoing police investigation that has now seeped to the accounting firm validating the Fast Search financials. Par for the course. I wonder if Microsoft Fast works as well as the actress’s faux expectoration? Probably not a question I wish to explore. I think I will run a query on for “management judgment.” Isn’t this ad the Dickens?

Stephen Arnold, July 2, 2009


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