Chart for the AP and Its Fellow Travelers

July 27, 2009

The Associated Press wants to monetize its content. My hunch is that the move is designed to protect its state by state news service, which is of little or no interest to those under the age of 21. When content from the AP or its fellow travelers is shared, it is probably that the legal eagles will flock to services known to be sharing information.

What services are sharing content? Isn’t search a form of sharing?

Silicon Valley Insider created a useful chart pointing out that the sharers were Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, MySpace, and Microsoft. Email turned up in the list, but I am not sure if legal eagles can sue email. You can see the chart at Business Insider in the story “How People Share Content on the Web.” The Google makes the list, but it does not seem to leading in the sharing sector. Clean living on the part of Google or flawed data?

Stephen Arnold, July 27, 2009


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