Google and Consolidated Messaging

September 9, 2009

Last evening I attended a reception at Google’s Washington, DC offices. The goose kept his beak down and his ears open.  One of the most interesting comments was the phrase “consolidated communications”. Imagine my surprise when I realized that the Googler was referring to knitting Google services together. The interlocks have been evident in Google’s research papers, but now the Google was edging forward—finally. You can read “Google Voice Finally Marries SMS And Email” and more details. Microsoft is on this trail as well. What I find different about each firm’s approach is that Google focuses on the individual user and Microsoft focuses on the enterprise. This difference is going to become more important over time. The notion of having messages in forms that meet a user’s situational needs is important and a component of the Wave tech pack which is gaining strength.

Stephen Arnold, September 9, 2009


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