Australian Publisher in Bid to Get His Own Chapter in Bartlett’s Quotations

September 13, 2009

What outstanding phraseology. Amazing quotes. You can read a summary in “Publisher: Time to pay up, Google”. Let me give you two examples, but, please, buy a hard copy of the Daily Telegraph Australia. I cannot do justice to this wonderful material.

Quote 1 allegedly crafted by APN News & Media chief executive Brendan Hopkins:

“We don’t need to be reborn, we just need to be paid properly for what we do,” Mr Hopkins told the Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers’ Association (PANPA) conference.

And quote 2, same fellow:

To use an analogy, I see search engines as breaking into our homes, itemizing the contents, walking out and listing everything for everyone to see. And they get money out of that process,” he said.

Great word smithing. I should have remained in publishing. I need to perfect my analytical skills and my writing. Maybe I can nab an internship.

Stephen Arnold, September 13, 2009


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