Security Poker: Google Calls Microsoft

September 26, 2009

Software and security are like one of the combinations in chemistry lab. Get calcium carbine and hydrochloric acid. Mix. Ignite. Interesting. With Google marginalizing Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Microsoft responded with an assertion about security. Wow. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, for me at least, has been one of the software applications that gives me headaches. My father gathers malware the way I do news stories in my RSS reader.

Microsoft’s response to Google’s marginalization play is summarized in “Microsoft believes Google Chrome Frame lowers security of IE”. Google’s response is described in “Google Barks Back at Microsoft over Chrome Frame Security.”

I have to tell that I think this is quite exciting. My knowledge about Microsoft’s security in its browsers and related software comes from Steve Gibson’s Security Now podcast. My recollection is that Mr. Gibson is quite conservative when it comes to security. For that reason, I have switched to Firefox. I don’t know if this is the optimal path for me, but I changed my father over to Firefox, and I had fewer nasties to kill when he used Firefox.

My hunch is that the war of words will escalate and quickly. Security is not Microsoft’s strong suit in my opinion. Google may continue to probe this decayed tooth.

Stephen Arnold, September 26, 2009


One Response to “Security Poker: Google Calls Microsoft”

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