Comments about Google and Content Preservation

October 8, 2009

The search pundits are chasing the Google press conference. The addled goose flapped right over the media event and spent time with “Google’s Abandoned Library of 700 Million Titles”. The article, which appeared in Wired Magazine, tackles the history of the usenet archive. The article is interesting for three reasons:

  1. The content is “ancient ruins”; that is, not in good shape
  2. Access is problematic because the search function is, according to Wired, are “extremely poor”
  3. There has not been much attention focused on this content collection.

I access Google Groups’s content occasionally. My personal experience is that I can find useful information on certain topics. For me, the most interesting comment in the Wired article was:

In the end, then, the rusting shell of Google Groups is a reminder that Google is an advertising company — not a modern-day Library of Alexandria.

Not as affirming as the news flowing from the Google media event, but I found the Wired article suggestive.

Stephen Arnold, October 8, 2009


2 Responses to “Comments about Google and Content Preservation”

  1. SERGIO MEDINA on October 26th, 2009 11:56 pm

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