PeopleMaps: Finding Connections Among People

October 22, 2009

Relationship maps are not new. Companies like i2, Megaputer, and other vendors offer these types of systems now. You can use the relationship map system for any query you pass to the company’s free service. When I read “PeopleMaps Finds New and ‘Hidden’ Connections”, I was not sure how the company was going to differentiate itself. After reading the story, I spotted one important feature. PeopleMaps integrates with As a result, a can “see” how one’s connections hook into other people data to which the user has access. quotes a executive as saying:

“Our competitive advantage is that we have a massive business social graph,” said Sheehan [PeopleMaps executive]. “We’ll link your private data and marry it to this huge set of public social data including job history, family relationships, group affiliations, boards and more. There are tons of ways people may know each other or are related that they don’t know about.”

The company offers a free service and a more robust professional version. Interesting approach in my opinion.

Stephen Arnold, October 22, 2009

Another freebie. What am I chopped liver?


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