Twitter Tizzy

October 22, 2009

Big day for Twitter. Instead of selling out to one big dog, Twitter is fraternizing with the litter. Microsoft announced that it is indexing tweets. Google announced that it is indexing tweets. Tweets are already indexed by Twitter and a kennel of real time search systems. In short, tweets are everywhere and findable.

Lots of posts are chasing their tails around the Internet. The addled goose had three thoughts:

First, with tweets as common as cats and dogs in Harrod’s Creek, any differentiation is going to have to come via value-adding. I don’t see much high value adding. Over time, tweets may become a way to differentiate the vendors from one another.

Second, tweets are not new and I think that the extensions of the basic few words broadcast model are going to challenge some of the tweet indexing systems. How will rich media be indexed and made searchable in a meaningful way? For me rich media and some embedded links are exercises in frustration. More indexing means more hits on the Twitter system and I am not sure that Twitter will be able to cope.

Third, the Google – Microsoft dust up seems to be spreading into real time search. Since this is a relatively new content domain to many online searchers, the winner of this battle gains more than users who want access to this content domain. Dominance in Twitter search reflects on the winner’s technology and marketplace magnetism.

In short, Twitter’s puppies are going to produce one formidable online canine in my opinion.

Stephen Arnold, October 22, 2009

No one bought me dinner to share my opinion. Better luck next time wish I.


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