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October 27, 2009

A 20 something bristled in 2007 when I pointed out in a paid lecture that Google had won the search battle. The person insisted that Microsoft, Yahoo, and a raft of newcomers were going to Grandpa Google’s ankle. I dismissed the 20 something and promptly learned that she embarked on a campaign of telling anyone who would listen that I was addled. No big deal since I am addled and I document my addledness in this Web log each day.

However, I somewhat reluctantly, point you and her to “Bing’s Search Share Uncertain as Yahoo’s Share Falls”. A 20 something will probably believe another 20 something before she accepts facts from a person old enough to be her grandfather.

The write up said:

Microsoft had high hopes for gaining search-market traction at Google’s expense when it announced a search partnership with Yahoo earlier this year. However, Yahoo racked up a search loss of one percentage point in September in comparison with August, and a loss of five percentage points since the same time last year, according to Compete. Google served fewer queries in the month as well, “but because of the drop in overall volume across the engines, Google’s search share stayed stable at close to 73 percent,” Madjarac explained. Looking at the bigger picture, StatCounter reported that Bing’s search share declined on a global basis from 3.58 percent to 3.25 percent in September. Moreover, the same global trend was mirrored at Microsoft’s new search partner, the Web analytics firm said.  Yahoo saw its search share fall to 4.37 percent from 4.84 percent, said the Dublin-based firm, which bases its worldwide analyses on 4.6 billion search-engine clicks. By contrast, Google boosted its status as the global search leader by increasing its share by more than two percentage points in September to 80.08 percent, StatCounter added.

With Google’s market share into the 80 percent range, plus or minus five percent, I am not sure if the wild and crazy, uninformed 20 something understands that the Google has won the Web search war. Maybe the Google is vulnerable in real time search? Maybe the Google will stumble as Microsoft rolls out the stellar Fast ESP. Maybe?

Looks like the Google is doing its Googley thing despite the 20 somethings delusional view of what is going on in Web search.

Stephen Arnold, October 27, 2009

A freebie from a train station no less. I did get a free apple juice. Does that count?


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