Google and Its Video Ecosystem

November 2, 2009

The Guardian’s “Google Seeks to Turn a Profit from YouTube Copyright Clashes” is one of those “close but no cigar” write ups about the GOOG. The point of the story is that Google can work with copyright holders to monetize videos on The idea is that content can generate cash and the copyright owners become Google partners, not enemies. The article references Google’s digital fingerprint technology which is disclosed in one of Google’s open source documents. The story had an interesting factoid:

At the moment YouTube says it streams 7bn videos a week and only 1bn of those are monetized. Of those 1bn, a third make money through the ContentID system.

The point that is omitted is that Google’s method makes it possible for a copyright holder to use Google as an integrated motion picture company just like those the Hollywood moguls of old assembled in the analog days. Google does it digitally and shifts the monetization load to copyright holders if those folks want to take control of the process. Check the eyeball count for here.

Stephen Arnold, November 2, 2009

Not a penny for this write up, trusted US Postal Service.


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