Google Postini Drives Competitors to a Martini

November 6, 2009

Google has found a way to stimulate sales at the establishments frequented by competitors. The Google makes a belated attempt to allow users to “see” what data about them Google has gathered. Almost simultaneously, Google gives its enterprise applications a bionic arm. Instead of the wimpy security and administrative controls that competitors enjoyed mocking, the Google has mashed up the promising Google Apps with the more robust Postini capabilities. If you are not familiar with Google Apps, click here. If you have a knowledge gap about Postini, click here. You will want to read the PC World article “Postini Technology to Spread Across Google Apps” as well. In a nutshell, Google Apps is no longer the 96 pound enterprise weakling. Google Apps may not be ready for a fist fight with Tito Ortiz, but the Google is adding some muscle. Three observations:

  1. Microsoft is going to have a fight on its hands going forward. The Google is obviously eager to sap some of Microsoft’s revenue. The Los Angeles deal is just the beginning.
  2. Pundits who have been pumping the wonders of SharePoint are going to have to step back and figure out how to bring some balance to their analyses of SharePoint and related products.
  3. Google, fresh from rolling out some of the programmable search engine features, has quite a few tech tricks back home in Mountain View. I anticipate a flurry of announcements before the Google heads to ski slopes later this year. Microsoft is chopping jobs; Google is on the move..

Next (2010) is going to be quite interesting. Google needs only to begin inflicting small revenue gashes on the giant from Redmond. Death by a thousand cuts appears to be one of Google’s methods. I wonder if Google will file a patent application for this method at Google scale? I think I will head down to the River Creek Inn to check on the martini consumption?

Stephen Arnold, November 6, 2009

I got a hug at our meet up last night. Quick. Alert the Coast Guard. Oh, wait. The hug was not related to this article. Nope. Another freebie.


One Response to “Google Postini Drives Competitors to a Martini”

  1. Googleverse on November 9th, 2009 7:06 am

    Gmail has become famous only for its spam checking abilities. thanks to postini and google off course. Lets see what happens in 2010.

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