Exalead and Real Travel

November 21, 2009

I noted “Real Travel Chooses Exalead CloudView Search” in the SEO Journal. I have been a fan of the Exalead technology for a number of years. You can read an exclusive interview with Exalead’s founder in my Search Wizards Speak series. The last time I was in Paris, one of the Exalead engineers took me to Tennessee Fried Chicken for some “real southern” fried cooking.

The news is that Real Travel will “will use Exalead CloudView to deliver a ‘smart’ search-based application designed specifically for the travel industry.”


According to the Ulitzer, Inc. story:

“We [Real Travel] needed a powerful search solution that could scale with us and effectively integrate traditional travel data with unstructured web information,” said Ken Leeder, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Real Travel. “After a thorough review, our search and data architects concluded that a partnership with Exalead would enable us to accelerate our development efforts and provide travel shoppers with the rich information they need to plan their next trip.”

A happy quack to the Exalead team. Oh, Tennessee is noted for its Bar-B-Que and whiskey. Kentucky is horses, bourbon, and KFC.

Stephen Arnold, November 21, 2009

To the Department of Agriculture: I was not paid in comestibles or cash to write this article about Exalead.


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