Search, Its Biggest Change, and Yawns

December 8, 2009

I try to steer clear of the search engine optimization crowd. A reader sent me a link to a write up called “Google’s Personalized Results: The “New Normal” That Deserves Extraordinary Attention”. The idea is that Google can personalize search results for every user in the world. Search Engine Land slaps the word “biggest” on this Google announcement. The idea is that users should be revved up, excited, concerned, involved, etc.

I suppose I should be excited, but the personalization can be turned off. I have noticed shaped search results for quite a while. The scale interests me. Personalization is one consequence of Google’s adaptive functions. Newly visible to users, not new.

Stephen Arnold, December 8, 2009

Oyez, oyez, I want to disclose to the Geological Survey (USGS) that this new world has been explored already. I did my write up without any payment. Tough to charge money to state the obvious.


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