A Twitter over a Google Triviality

December 10, 2009

The Google is so darn good at making a relatively trivial service into headlines, the Google gobbling mavens miss the air craft carrier as it sits off shore. Its very presence is masked by twits, blogs, and assorted punditry. The example this morning is “Join this group: Google Groups joins Google Apps”. No sooner does the Google hook together two services than the Megites and the Techmemes overflow with posts. Sigh. The fact is that the Google is a more homogeneous set up than Microsoft or Yahoo. This means that “connecting” Google parts is more complex than a kid’s snapping together Lego blocks but certainly not Ramanathan Guha-type or Simon Tony-like rocket science. There will be more of these connections coming down the pike. Perhaps the world of CMS experts with roadmaps, the SEO wizards, and the point-and-click poobahs will step back and focus on plumbing and scale. I will post a short example of serious Google mojo later today. Serious Google magic this is from the depths of the Black Forest.

Stephen Arnold, December 10, 2009


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