Wave Goes Down Drain?

December 15, 2009

I read a suggestive article “Terminal Wave: The Google Wave Failure” by themilwaukeeseo. The basic idea is that Wave is going down the drain. The idea is that Wave has flaws, lots of them. You can read the article for the details of Wave’s inadequacies. A key point for me was:

No one can figure out how to use it effectively. It’s not that people don’t understand the basic notion of how to compose a WAVE, or even how to add in other people, but it’s not nearly as fluent as it was made out to be.

Several points:

  1. Wave is a typical Google service. It is not a commercial product. Wave is a demo, or, more accurately, a beta demo
  2. Google has a tough time thinking for the average Joe or Jill. Google is trying to make something usable for what Google thinks is an average Joe or Jill, not what an average Joe and Jill actually are
  3. Wave may be a part of a far larger data management system. Viewed this way, Wave may be the equivalent of a telescope poked from the Google submarine to see what life on the surface is.

My thought is that those who want to surf on Google may want to splash in the Wave. Learning to swim may be preferable to getting swamped when the big one rolls ashore.

Stephen Arnold, December 16, 2009

Oyez, oyez, I want to reveal to NOAA that this coming digital Wave was offered without compensation. Yep, another freebie.


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