Will a Shotgun Marriage Avert Squabbles among the Data Clans

December 17, 2009

TechWorld.com ran a story that I thought was interesting and closer to the truth about the relational databases and big data. “Sybase Embraces Google MapReduce” runs down a number of data management companies expressing interest in one of Google’s earlier innovations. One comment worth noting in my opinion was:

Relational database pioneer Michael Stonebraker co-authored a paper earlier this year contending that that SQL technology still beats MapReduce in most cases. But that conclusion didn’t stop Vertica Systems, the startup where he serves as CTO, from adding Hadoop functionality to its new Vertica 3.5 database.

This is the data management equivalent of the the Hatfield’s grandfather okaying a little behind-the-shed activity with one of the McCoys. Trouble is brewing. The coal mines are hiring.

Stephen E. Arnold, December 17, 2009

Disclosure. This is a no-dough write up. I must report this unpaid activity to Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission. Some of these vendors may be going down a dark, deep hole.


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