New York Times Gets Excited about Traffic Analysis

December 18, 2009

Navigate to “A Day in the Life of” You will learn that the New York Times has discovered that traffic to its Web site in mind 2009 is heavier at certain times of the day. There are other insights from the New York Times’s Laboratory. A couple of questions flashed through my mind.

First, what percentage of this traffic is in some way due to Google searches?

Second, why doesn’t the New York Times command the Web presence of the entertainment site, which is cited in the article as a big deal?

Third, how many New York Times executives are mesmerized by the videos showing traffic patterns?

Be still my goosely heart!

Disclosure: no one paid me to point out that these mesmerizing maps did not mesmerize this addled goose. I have to report this to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). This information constitutes an emergency.


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