SharePoint and 100 Percent CPU Usage

December 29, 2009

We love SharePoint and are mesmerized by its search functionality. We spotted the tweet about 100 percent CPU use during indexing. After some clicking, we located “Search and CPU Usage” on MSGroups. The writer wanted to know how to troubleshoot 100 percent CPU usage. The answer delighted us. We find that fresh content and near real time indexing are getting more popular. But if your SharePoint system is under resourced, the fix is easy. Index less frequently. Here’s what the plea for help elicited:

You need check indexing interval. WSS 3.0 default crawling interval is every 5 minute. So if you have many content and indexing can not complete in 5 minute. It’s possible 100% CPU continuously. Yu can change indexing interval on central admin page….from every 5 minutes to every day.

Yep, fresh results in near real time. Obvious solution. Timely information in an index is obviously irrelevant.

Stephen E. Arnold, December 29. 2009

A freebie. Think of this as a late Boxing Day present. I will report this to the IRS.


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