Google and AdSense

February 6, 2010

I found “Most AdSense Publishers Want Google To Disclose Revenue Split” quite interesting. My hunch has been that Google tunes the AdSense revenue splits when it gets a sense of how a quarter is going to perform. I don’t have any evidence of this mathematical jiggering, but it just makes intuitive sense. A Google semi autonomous agent watches a certain value. When it hits a specific threshold, smart software makes an adjustment. Why would AdSense operate differently from the types of methods in use when Google determines which category tag to use for an processed content object.

The article states:

The majority of Google AdSense publishers do want to know the revenue split. Of the 80 responses, 66% said they want to know. Only 6% said they do not want to know. 27% said they do not care.

So what this tells me is that those with AdSense don’t know what percentage of the money Google collects goes to them. That was a bit of surprise to me as well. I think one of the goslings has hooked AdSense into the Web site, but I must confess I don’t pay any attention to the ads or the money. (No wonder one of the goslings has a brand new Mini Cooper S.)

I think a better question is, “Can Google reveal a number that is dynamic and subject to change based on Googley factors?” Probably but there is the downside of making explicit how the semi autonomous methods work in the grubby world of money. The PR impact might be significant. Plus there is the fact that this is not, in my opinion, particularly exciting work.

I want to watch this subject because it could have legs.

Stephen E Arnold, February 6, 2010

No one paid me to point out the shortcomings of my own understanding of AdSense. I will report this to HUD, an outfit with a keen appreciation of accounting.


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