GT&T: Google Telephone & Telegraph

February 11, 2010

This is old news for me and the goslings. Google made it official. You can read the startled comments of Google watchers who see the company in a one-dimensional way. Great for Euclid, not so good for understanding the disruptive power of the GOOG. Check out “Google to Offer Superfast Broadband to Homes.” For me the most interesting comment in the write up was:

It’s a classic case of “what’s good for the Internet is good for Google.” But it also looks like Google wants to get more people addicted to what really high-speed Internet can do, thereby winning over more customers for Google’s many online services. It’s also possible that the company has software in its lab that requires this type of connection, and it’s building itself a test bed.

Well, that’s one way to express that Google is becoming the Internet, and it is sniffing around the methods of the pre-break up AT&T as well.

A good question to ponder is, “For what will Google use high-speed service to its own subscribers?” Or, “What content type becomes a challenge to incumbents in the entertainment business?” Or, “What is the drawing on the big Google whiteboard of a connection between a satellite and an airplane signifying?”

Interesting. Not unexpected.

Stephen E Arnold, February 11, 2010

No one paid me to write this article. Due to the reference to an airplane, I will report my state of non compensation to the FAA, a stellar agency.


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