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March 4, 2010

Novel angle for SEO crossed our desk on March 3, 2010.

Pear Analytics, a San Antonio based SEO firm, has just released their mobile app, Website Analyzer, as an iPhone and soon to be iPad application. The firm’s press release describes the app as a simple tool that “analyzes any website or blog by scanning the site and a variety of data sources to determine how ‘SEO-friendly’ the site is.” The result is returned within 30 seconds as a non-technical report, and will store up to ten reports in memory, or available in e-mail form. In addition, the report includes tips on how to improve ratings or potential issues. A short video demonstration by social media guru Alan Weinkrantz can be found on

Pear Analytics designed the app for clients on-the-go, including “boutique ad agencies and web development shops,” who counsel others on SEO issues. While Pear develops higher end SEO solutions, this mobile app, similar to their free online SEO Analysis tool, provides keen insight about any site in seconds. The Website Analyzer seems like a promising tool.

Sam Hartman, March 5, 2010 paid Mr. Hartman to write this news item.


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