Google and the Fine Line between Content Access and Creation

March 29, 2010

Short honk: The addled goose lacks the intellectual and financial resources of the New York Times. So the write up “Not Creating Content. Just Protecting It” is spot on. I would suggest, however, that a quick read of Google Version 2.0 and Google: The Digital Gutenberg suggest that Google has gone to some trouble to create systems and methods to process information objects and create other information objects.


Google can release one of its innovations with little incremental effort. Google’s technical systems and methods store considerable “potential energy”. Source:

The “information factory” can slice and dice information about digital cameras and there are a number of patent applications that explain the virtues of this method and the clever “filling in the gaps” method. There are also outputs that mash up inputs and create new content objects. The Michael Jackson example which Googler Cyrus informed me I “made up in Photoshop” is a notable example. Let’s not confuse public relations and damage control with the functions resident within Google’s technical arsenal. I recall the buzz about Google becoming a $100 million media company but that seems to have been subject to some change in the last few months. What’s technically possible and what’s shaped to meet the needs of the present business landscape may be two quite different things in my opinion.

Stephen E Arnold, March 29, 2010

No one paid me to write this.


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