Google Viacom Discourse

May 23, 2010

I did not know that MBAs and Math Club members allowed their softer natures to surface. Sure, when an MBA stubs a toe at the country club’s swimming pool, a snippet of Ovid might be uttered softly. And when a Math Club member inadvertently smudges a proof with Dorito dust, one might hear, “Gosh darn, Bernoulli.” Imagine my shock when I read “’F— Those Motherf—ers’ YouTube/Viacom Suit Gets Nasty”. I don’t know if the write up is a parody, StreetView-like snippets, or misattributions.” You will need to read the original and make your own decision. I found this comment one of the few I was comfortable quoting in front of the goslings in the Harrod’s Creek goose pond, where exhortations from Homer are as frequent as references to Euripides’ writings. The quote:

“I WANT TO OWN YOUTUBE. I think it’s critical, and if it goes to a competitor…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

I presume that this statement and its rhetorical flourishes was made between Viacom’s pow wow with Google’s founders and the Google acquisition of in the fateful year 2006. Once direct and vibrant interaction dwindled between the keyboard clicks on one Google founder’s laptop and the squeak of another Google founder’s inline skate wheels, the rhetoricians let their creative energies flow.

And what of the attorneys, the wise counselors in this debate? Perhaps these learned professionals are involved in the timely release of the documents containing the golden prose, the heartfelt statements, the periodic sentences? Perhaps the openness of the legal process itself has delivered these sparkling jewels of eloquence to us?

Caesar, that master politician, would have revised his final utterance “Et tu, Brute?” had he studied with the masters of prose at Google and Viacom. How lackluster his alleged last words. Disappointing indeed.

I am—no, we are all—richer for the poetic languages and powerful writing that the alleged quotations summarized in the Ars Technica write up. Thank goodness no union of two brilliant, incisive management teams took place. The world will be enriched when more alleged writings of Googlers and Viacomers become available. I cannot wait.

Stephen E Arnold, May 23, 2010

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