MBA Work Targets

May 28, 2010

Navigate to Universum, a research outfit. The 2010 “American MBA Survey” leader board is available. What is interesting is that Google retains its Number One spot. This means that if you have a tattoo that says Harvard-certified MBA, you want to work at Google. The best MBAs, in theory, get to work at their first choice employers. Well, it is a theory.

There were some surprises in the 2010 ranking. Examples include:

  • Apple at the Number Five spot
  • Amazon at Number 11
  • Microsoft at Number 15
  • Sony at Number 26, ahead of IBM at Number 29. Sony?
  • The FBI at Number 57. Wow!
  • Oracle at Number 97.

MBAs have made the world a better, cleaner, safer, more productive place. I say that with whatever is left of my Halliburtonized, Booz Allen & Hamilton-processed heart. Just look at the economic performance of the economy as a whole and the companies on this list. More MBAs. Just what business needs. A search company tops the list. I wonder if anyone at Google has thought of writing an economic analysis explaining how important Google ads are to the economy? Oh, I remember. Already done. Just not by an MBA, but by an economist. Different skills.

Stephen E Arnold, May 28, 2010



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