Why Beat Up the Google?

June 30, 2010

I read two stories by publications that bump up against one another for readers.Eweek, once a Ziff flagship in terms of ad pages, is now an online publication. The story is really a slideshow with comments next to each graphic. Navigate to “10 Reasons to Stop Using Google.” The idea is to call attention to Google weaknesses and services that out Google Google. The example that sticks in my mind is Zoho, an online version of Microsoft Office. I understand the need for page views, but I wondered why pick on Google? The analysis is okay, but nothing spectacular.

The second Google kicker is “Why Do We Trust Google?”, which appeared in an Infoworld online publication. Like the eWeek “story”, this write up dances around the “Google is evil” angle. Nothing wrong with that, but the Google has been chugging along in the same mode for more than a decade. Worrying about Google makes it possible to mention lots of Google services and maybe get some traffic.

The more interesting question for me is, “Why are these outfits snapping at Google’s heels?” Like the identical covers that popped up once in a while on Time and Newsweek paper issues, the coincidence is interesting. My opinion is that Google is not an advertiser and writing about Google produces traffic. Google is a juicy target and it is great sport. Substantive articles? It is summer time and the SEO is easy.

Stephen E Arnold, June 30, 2010



One Response to “Why Beat Up the Google?”

  1. Jim O'Donnell on June 30th, 2010 3:23 pm

    Kim Cameron is puffing away about Google’s collection of MAC addresses over at his blog, trying to drum business for himself

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