Sentiment in an Unsentimental Manner

July 2, 2010

Sentiment analysis is one of those feeder streams in content processing that now are swelling into a torrent. Seth Grimes, a fellow who actually took one dollar from me and then gave it back, has written a useful write up, “My Feelings About Sentiment Analysis.” The format is an interview with Mr. Grimes as the subject. Here’s a comment I noted and tucked in my “recycle this insight in one of my talks” folder:

How organic is it [sentiment analysis]? Does it need to be managed in real time?

Smart, responsive enterprises have effectively been doing sentiment analysis for years: they’ve been listening to customers and the market. The natural next step is to automate analyses, to take advantage of computers’ speed and power in order to build out and systematizes efforts. Technologies are definitely starting to operate in real-time… and beyond. They can not only analyze and automate response to opportunities and threats as they emerge; via predictive modeling, they can drive pro-active steps that create opportunities and close vulnerabilities. This said, I’ll reemphasize that organizations can work their way up from basic monitoring and engagement to full-blown, predictive analytics at a pace that makes sense given needs and budgets.

Good stuff.

Stephen E Arnold, July 2, 2010

Freebie but maybe I will get asked to give a talk at one of Mr. Grimes’ high profile conferences. Beg, beg, whine. Repeat.


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