Baidu Seeks Silicon Valley Wizards

July 4, 2010

Annoying governments can be exciting. Annoying governments can produce some unexpected consequences. I thought about this quirk of bureaucrats when I read “China’s Baidu To Hire 30 Software Engineers On ‘Google Territory’”. Yikes. How many Chinese engineers might want to go home to real home cooking? Here’s the passage I noted:

While Google awaits to find out whether the Chinese government is giving it the green light for the renewal of its Internet content provider (ICP) license, its local competitor, China’s largest search engine Baidu is touting its intention to hire up to 30 engineers in July, directly from ‘Google territory,’ i.e. the Silicon Valley, to help it expand overseas.

With Google’s stock panting a bit, what happens if some of Google non Chinese engineers think working within striking distance of the Great Wall might be great fun? And what about that Google license to operate in China? Get in line seems to be the order of the day.

Stephen E Arnold, July 3, 2010



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