Clarabridge API Available

July 5, 2010

When we first learned about Clarabridge, our initial impression was that it was a system developed primarily for Microstrategy customers wanting more beef in their business intelligence capabilities. Over the years, the company has diversified and expanded its market reach and capabilities. Now Clarabridge is aiming to improve its customer feedback searchability by adding an API. Yahoo! Finance recently reported this upgrade and its many benefits in an eye-opening article. Currently, Clarabridge provides sentiment and text analytic software for improving customer experience. By adding SOAP-based application program interfaces (APIs) customers will now be able to better review feedback. The API allows users to submit a single document for processing, real-time extraction of language content and sentiment, as well as customized starter packs for various customer needs. These new API options are an exciting addition in the elusive world of customer satisfaction. If used properly, this software could one day replace former marketing tools like focus groups and customer surveys. Note: If the Yahoo News link goes dead, you can get the information from

Jessica West Bratcher, July 5, 2010



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