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August 18, 2010

A new Web log and information services débuts today (August 18, 2010). Redefining Monitoring, owned by IGear Corporation, provides news, information, and commentary about cloud-centric monitoring. IGear’s technology embraces numerically-controlled machines and production systems as well as other business processes. IGear’s cloud technology makes it possible to “take the pulse” of smart machines, systems, and complete production operations 24×7. The IGear dashboard provides an intuitive, graphical display. Access from mobile devices, netbook computers, or desktop systems is supported. You can access the Web log at

In a statement released by IGear today, the company said:

IGear, a leader in the monitoring industry, has launched Redefining Monitoring at, a blog that covers news and information about monitoring and the latest in cloud computing technologies.

“We decided to launch the blog after much discussion with clients, colleagues and staff. There are many exciting issues and options which come across my desk every day, and this is a great way to share them as well as our thoughts about their impact with a broader group of people. We can add some ‘color and shading’ to the disciplines involved in monitoring a range of production equipment and manufacturing systems, among others,” explained Don Korfhage, president of IGear.

One of IGear’s principal backers said, “we are experiencing a new era in monitoring driven by advances in cloud and wireless technologies along with the desire of people to have information at their fingertips, 24×7”.

Redefining Monitoring has several standard sections, including news, features and recent posts. Anyone interested in updates can subscribe to the blog through Feedburner and comments are welcome.

IGear serves as the foundation of numerous OEM equipment builder private label offerings. Since 1986, IGear software has been the foundation of reliably collecting critical data from thousands of machines globally.

IGear provides valuable information and alerts to OEMs and their customers enabling them to make better decisions and operate in a lights-out capacity. With IGear, OEMs more proactively service equipment, isolate problems, and optimize their service technicians – the result – a quicker resolution and more satisfied end-user customer.

“I/Gear – Always On” – ushering in a new era in monitoring.

For more information, navigate to the IGear Web site at provides content for this news and information service. If you are interested in focused, professional content with high impact, write seaky2000 at yahoo dot com. The Overflight system generates content for,, and the Beyond Search blog. Beyond Search’s content pushes beyond SEO.

Kenneth Toth, August 18, 2010

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