Azurini Line Up Behind Other Azurini to Praise Google Android

September 14, 2010

From coast to coast the azurini (non blue chip consulting firms and their experts) are really excited about a Gartner Group prognostication. I won’t mention the demise of certain “magic quadrants” but I will urge you to read “And Android Will Crush Them All… Eventually!.” You can even get a glimpse of the Gartner future think market share projections. You can see the Gartner data at the link above. What’s projected? Nothing less than the triumph of Android over the pathetic pretenders. Who are the also rans, Also Participateds, and the losers? How about Nokia, Research in Motion, Microsoft, and Apple? Did I leave anyone out.

Now the mobile space is an interesting arena. The appeal of a “free”, “open” mobile operating system is undeniable. But there are some potential trip wires across the jogging track.

  1. Android exists to help the Google. Those using Android are enlisted in the Google militia. Summer soldiers and sunshine patriots often have second thoughts. Regulations and rules can make some in the militia long for sleeping late and leisurely showers. Open source software can fork and then, in turn, fork and fork again. How long will the Google watch Verizon rely on Bing search? Hmmm.
  2. Those lawyers just keep catching flights to SFO. The reason is that Google has an uncanny ability to collect lawsuits. Now I know that oodles of money can flummox the great US judicial system. But every once in a while there is a deposition, a non Googley judge, and a law suit that won’t go away. Anyone remember Viacom, Germany, and an annoying SEO vendor in the UK?
  3. Google has had a tough summer. Instead of surfing from big wave to big wave, Google fell off its surf board. I don’t have a comprehensive list but I do recall Buzz, the Frankfort police’s irritation over StreetView and Wi-Fi, and the weird trajectory of Wave. In the meantime, the Xooglers at Facebook pulled ahead of the Google in traffic. Bummer of a summer.

So what?

Google is no longer a slam dunk. Too many variables for me to dial in. The azurini want to have Google do things that help the azurini consulting business. Consumers, on the other hand, respond to different signals. Those pesky consumers.

In short, Android is zooming along but those trip wires. Oh my.

Stephen E Arnold, September 14, 2010



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