Discovering Facebook Pages

September 30, 2010

Short honk: If you are a Facebook user, you may find the official Page Browser useful. The tool makes it easy to look at thumbnails and “discover” Facebook pages. Our thought was a for Facebook. You view may be different. Point your browser at “Page Browser Officially Launched : A Perfect Way To Discover Interesting Facebook Pages.” The write up said:

Discovering Facebook Pages of your interests are very easy, just head towards Page Browser where you will find an array of thumbnails representing Facebook communities. If you feel something is of your interest, just hover over the thumbnail and a like button will pop up. Click it and you will get all news from that community incorporated in your News feed. If you want to know more about the community, just click the title under the thumbnail.

Why fiddle with a query when you can look at pictures? It is the 21st century way.

Stephen E Arnold, September 30, 2010



One Response to “Discovering Facebook Pages”

  1. Adrian on October 1st, 2010 1:00 pm

    Also see the new
    which organizes the rest of the iceberg –
    a directory of Facebook pages listed by subject/topics.
    Anyone can share/add pages, tag and organize, or find topics that interest them.
    Not just about what your friends like, but broad lists of FB pages on topics that interest you, whatever they may be…

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