Less Chaos and More Control: Google in Italy

October 24, 2010

Google’s controlled chaos is getting dose of Italian control. Is that an oxymoron? Italy was the big dog for a bunch of centuries. On my last trip, I wasn’t sure Italy could organize a pick up soccer game. Oh, well. It’s a big country with great food and wonderful artifacts.

Italy Demands three Day Warning for Google StreetView Trips” is doing what I thought was impossible. Italy wants the Math Club company to plan what the cute StreetView cars are doing, communicate those plans three days in advance, to the ever efficient Italian governmental authorities. Okay.

In addition to the “this is what I am going to do” reports, Google will have to label its quirky little vehicles with a StreetView decal. If you have ever seen a Google StreetView auto, there’s not much real estate available for a big StreetView label. The colors, the odd gizmos sticking out of the car, and the Math Club driver are the only clues available. When StreetView snapped the goose pond, it captured trees and the kids in the neighborhood pointed at the weird little vehicle. Once spotted, the StreetView car chugged away down the hill and probably to the Natural Foods Restaurant for some Odwalla.

The Math Club coordinating with the masters of planning in Italy will be interesting indeed.

Stephen E Arnold, October 24, 2010



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