Microsoft Corporate Bird: The Ostrich?

October 26, 2010

I know Bill Gates and the person whom I associate with Bob don’t work at Microsoft. I know I should not document the personal preferences of a mom. I know better. Nevertheless, point your browser thingy at “Melinda Gates Bans Apple Products from the Gates Household.” If true, the action reminds me of the way the Middle Kingdom ran its ox cart. Keep stuff outside the wall. Life is easier that way I suppose.

As an addled goose, I am every alert to a metaphorical avian opportunity when I can. If the information in the Business Insider story is spot on, perhaps Microsoft will be inspired to adopt the ostrich as its official corporate bird? Perhaps something like this:

Image source: The Liberal Doomsayer

Nope, no pesky Apple products that my relative, Bob the ostrich, can see.

Stephen E Arnold, October 26, 2010



2 Responses to “Microsoft Corporate Bird: The Ostrich?”

  1. Frustrated Searcher on October 28th, 2010 7:15 am

    This got me wondering… if you had to choose, for your house, which companies products would you give up easier?

    It would be quite simple decision for me… since I now only have a five year old Dell in my attic… I am 100% apple mac’d, ipod’d, ipad’d, iphone’d, time capsuled…

    And funny enough – not once have I had an argument with my kids about them wanting a “Zune”… even the name makes me want to sleep…ZZzzzzzzzz une.

    All that from someone who had never touched an apple product 4 years ago.

    Oh – wait a minute… I do have an XBox…. but since the CD broke on it 9 months ago I have had no issues using my kids Wii…

    So totally unscientific… but I bet the majority of people that actually use Apple products in their house would rather give up Microsoft than Apple… How long before the same thing starts to happen in corporate land… or has it already started… or is the home not far more important and profitable than selling laptops to corporates?

    Anyone want to buy a Dell Laptop running some version of MS Windows and a Xbox with a dodgy CD player?

  2. Frustrated Searcher on October 28th, 2010 7:23 am

    Good news people…

    My mate has just asked to take my xBox and I have just realised I installed a version of Linux over the windows I had on the Dell laptop. When my mate takes the XBOX I will be officially a non-Microsoft household.

    Who would have thought that 5 years ago?

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