Attensity Dials Up CCA

November 17, 2010

Attensity is a marketing daemon.

Attensity software and Contact Centers of America are getting together.  “Attensity, CCA Partner to Provide Revolutionary Social Media Monitoring and Engagement Service” announces the plan to provide customer service through social media.   Attensity’s vice president says: “This will allow companies just getting into social media to take advantage of the sophisticated social media monitoring, classification, routing and response products from Attensity, as well as the social media response services and expertise that CCA brings to the table.”  With Attensity’s software, a CCA team can find social media discussions and respond with their area of expertise.  Of course, social media is ubiquitous and important, but doesn’t SEO still take precedence for generating value?  At least this customer service will be based in the United States, which seems like a radical idea these days.

Alice Wasielewski, November 17, 2010



One Response to “Attensity Dials Up CCA”

  1. Michelle deHaaff on November 18th, 2010 12:19 am

    Stephen – thanks for the coverage – we are excited about the relationship with CCA! We know from many enterprise customers that they are still grappling with having the right people, process and technology to engage in discussions with customers over social media – this solution gives them just that – an outsourced option with a high-quality, USA based contact center operation that has the resources to deliver high-value interactions with customers in social media.

    SEO to me is orthogonal. SEO is ALSO important to guide users to the right sites to find service answers. The problem is that many enterprise/self service sites don’t have the content and if they do (even with decent SEO) it is hard to find… customers resort to social because it is faster and easier and if the answers aren’t there (in forums, review sites) and if they ask a question of the community – in most cases they will ultimately find the answer.

    So – companies need both!

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