Wave Wades Splash to Open Source Shore

December 7, 2010

As reported by h-online.com, Google’s Wave communication platform, forsaken sometime in August of this year due to lackluster user interest, has been repackaged and is in some capacity available to the public beneath the Apache banner.  “Wave in a box”, its new moniker, is a scaled back version of the original offering customers the ability to construct their own Wave servers in an effort to jumpstart the products development.  Discussions continue in reference to adding APIs, as well as a Web 2.0 client.

Per the article, “The proposal was posted to the Apache Incubator wiki by Google and Novell employees, as well as several independent developers.  The Apache Incubator is the place where potential future Apache projects can be submitted to the open source organization for consideration.”

Despite the proposal stating the project’s direction, it appears that much of the project is still in the development stages.  As of yet the code base remains at Google with the stated goal being the integration of it to the Apache infrastructure sometime in the future.  There is also speculation as to what sort of vendor the revised software will attract, with names such as Novell and firms related to the U.S. Navy being dropped.

Sarah Rogers, December 7, 2010



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