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December 20, 2010

A couple of times a year, I make a swing through Europe. I visit vendors, get demos, and talk with engineers about the future of search. In Paris on November 30, 2010, I answered questions about my views of Exalead. As you know, Exalead is a unit of Dassault Systems, one of the most sophisticated engineering firms in the world. You can get my view of Exalead by navigating to this link. Here’s an example of the observations I made:

“Exalead delivers applications that fit seamlessly and smoothly into customer workflows,” said Arnold.  “When I spoke with Exalead customers I heard only:  ‘This system works,’ ‘It’s easy to use,’ ‘It’s stable,’ and ‘I don’t have to chase around.”

In the interview, I point out that Exalead’s engineering makes it possible to embed search and information access in applications. Instead of using key words to unlock the information in a traditional search and retrieval system, Exalead makes the needed information available within existing work flows and applications. Access extends across a full range of content types and devices, including smart phones.

I have tracked Exalead for a number of years, and it continues to distinguish itself in information access by going “Beyond Search.” Here at Beyond Search we use the Exalead platform for our Overflight service.

Stephen E Arnold, December 20, 2010

The Exalead engineering team bought me lunch, a plus in Paris. Too bad about the snow and ice, though.


One Response to “Arnold Comments about Exalead”

  1. Edgard Mansoor on February 17th, 2011 7:43 am

    To whom it may concern:

    Yesterday, on February the 16th, someone from Montgeron, France, has been lead to through “Exalead”.
    Do you happen to know something about the Mansoor Amarna Collection by any chance?

    Or do you know if an investigation about Dietrich Wildung, former Director of the “Berlin Egyptian Museum”, and presently Professor at the “Freie Universitat” in Berlin, is being undertaken by His Excellency Mr. Mitterrand, Minister of Culture through the Director of the “French Patrimony”? or an investigation being made about the connection of Wildung with the Louvre Museum Department of “ancient Egyptian art”?

    Any information about the above will be much appreciated.

    Most sincerely,
    Edgard Mansoor
    1057 Willow Ridge Road
    Troy, VA 22974-6217

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