More Interface Excitement: NetCharts Snags Fonterra

December 29, 2010

PR Newswire reports that “Fonterra Picks NetCharts Performance Dashboards to Help Improve Business Performance.” The NetCharts Performance Dashboards (NCPD) made Visual Mining—an industry leader in business intelligence, data visualizations solutions, and performance management—will track/share key reporting indicators (KPIs) for Fronterra to use in all aspects of its company.

“Using NCPD, Fonterra’s Brand Division connects to multiple data sources from the same dashboard, performs quick analysis by switching between various data dimensions and applies the KPIs relevant to their division. NCPD also supplies the forecasting, data validation and calculations Fonterra relies upon for their day-to-day reporting.”

Fronterra chose to the NCPDs, because they are a high-quality, cost-effective dashboards and Visual Mining has an exceptional track record for technical services. Visual Mining is extremely pleased about the Fronterra deal and guarantees that Fronterra will find their businesses practices are more efficient and effective with their NetCharts Performance Dashboards.

Stephen E Arnold, December 29, 2010



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