Taxonomy and Efficiency

January 14, 2011

One of the leaders in the data and content management field, Access Innovations, Inc., has compiled a list in “10 Reasons to Resolve to Create a Taxonomy for Your Business in 2011.” A taxonomy creates an organized system of classification.

Here are three of the reasons with which we resonated:

Every person or department uses a different term, even though they’re all talking about the same thing. Your coworkers can’t find the company policy for the Fourth (or Fifth, or Sixth) of July, because it’s tagged as Independence Day? An enterprise taxonomy can get all of you searching the same language, if not talking it.

A coworker just spent 45 minutes trying to locate a document, but didn’t know what search term to use. Taxonomy browsing should work for him or her. And with synonyms, he/she can look for eye doctors or even “optimalogists” and find ophthalmologists.

Everything for HR gets called “HR” – all 10,000 documents. Get your indexers, taggers, and searchers browsing down to the more specific terms that a taxonomy can show them. You have HR documents on free pizza as a fringe benefit? Add Fringe benefits as a narrower term, and add Free pizza under Fringe benefits, so people can save some dough.

Access Innovations asserts that their system of taxonomy can help to eliminate irrelevant and unwanted search returns and will enable a searcher to use relative terms for the same search regardless of punctuation, spelling, or terminology.

“The bottom line is that a good taxonomy can save your staff time, and your organization time and money.”

If this system can save companies both time and money, why not give it a try? Let’s face it, in today’s economy where every penny counts, waste and inefficiency can lead to the failure of a business venture while efficiency and ease tend to lend themselves to success.

Leslie Radcliff, January 14, 2011



One Response to “Taxonomy and Efficiency”

  1. Charlie on January 14th, 2011 8:50 am

    Taxonomies are a great idea – if you have the resources to create, maintain and tag documents with them…..sometimes difficult to manage with large content volumes.

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