LinkedIn Phrases: Help or Spam?

February 1, 2011

LinkedIn is the professional equivalent of Facebook. Many potential employers are searching for new workers on the website, but they will avoid resumes that use clichéd terms and phrases. Xscion Solutions has a piece titled, “Top 10 Overused Phrases on LinkedIn.” If you think about it, it is practical knowledge to not do what everyone else is doing. Following the crowd usually doesn’t have rewards.

“Even though some of these terms might confirm to be true, they wont stick out to any employer for the simple fact that they see these same phrases on 99% of all resumes. Tell them something that will get their attention and make you memorable.”

When I read articles like this, I find that Linked In and its phrases are the ideal source of professional word seeding. Is it possible that this is a SEO ploy or spam? LinkedIn frequently pumps out content that seems more suited to I know that some folks need work, but I find content, interesting viewpoints, and critical commentary more useful than “help wanted” or “we need a person with Lucene experience right away” more like a rice cake than a chunk of cheddar.

Whitney Grace, February 1, 2011



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