Sinequa Speaks Speed

February 26, 2011

Alexander Bilger of Sinequa, a French-based business search firm, boasts, “Our engine has been tried 10 times faster than the competition.” Sinequa, “a specialist search engine for companies hungry for development, is reinforcing its presence in Germany. It intends to increase its workforce by 30%.”

Bilger pays special attention to Sinequa’s work with Credit Agricole, the largest retail banking group in France. He credits Sinequa’s success in winning the multi-million euro contract to its search engine’s superior speed, 10 times as fast as the competition. Bilger also boasts upcoming versions as being more compatible with the latest software and operating systems, including the newest cloud computing advances.

While Bilger makes claims of Sinequa’s superior performance, no evidence is provided and the firm is still a relatively small one, currently employing about 35 individuals. However, its linguistic foundations may indeed give it an edge in the multi-lingual EU.

Bilger was only recently appointed head of the company after the announcement of Jean Ferre’s departure. The two had been co-directors. We remind ourselves that many factors influence performance. Speed, like love, is difficult to define without some parameters.

Emily Rae Aldridge, February 26, 2011



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