Find the Indescribable

March 2, 2011

Not every search is as cut and dry as a single keyword.  When the object of your quest is too tough to shuffle into an appropriate string of words, discovery search engines may be the remedy.  Such engines employ ranking systems that operate on relevancy over popularity.  What that means for the user is if one pertinent webpage can be located, said page becomes a jumping off point to call up similar sites.

So, here is something worth perusing and saving: 3 Most Useful Discovery Engines: Find Similar Pages.  Discussed therein is Google’s ‘related:’ operator, Similar Pages and Similar Sites, broken down for comparison by categories including index, algorithm and drawbacks.  The largest shortcoming mentioned goes to Similar Sites for its inability to function out of the domain level, meaning it only crawls home pages; it was stated that Similar Pages seems to favor home pages as well.

For more details on the indexes, algorithms and compatibility with Google, check out the first link.  You may want to squirrel these sites away to your bookmarks for future use.

Sarah Rogers, March 2, 2011



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