The Google Comma: Web Search Secret Revealed

March 29, 2011

There are many ways to search Google, but sometimes it returns too much information when all you want is a simple results page.   “Get Clutter-Free Google Search Results with a Comma” has wonderful news for those who want to tidy some Google Web search results. To find on-topic and simple search results, simply add a comma after your search term. We are given an example with apple stock:

If you type apple stock into Google, it will move all your search results down to replace it with a graph of Apple’s stock—meaning you have to scroll down to find your actual search and news results…If you want to exclude these extra results from your searches, you can just add a comma (or certain other characters, like a period) to your search results, i.e. apple stock.

Google has many relevant applications, but sometimes they give us too much.  Using the comma tip for searches returns Google to its original search roots. Useful.

Whitney Grace, March 29, 2011


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