Tips for Google RSS Feeds

March 29, 2011

Google News is a quick and easy way to keep on top of world and local events.   With Google paying more attention to real time and social content, we find that good ideas to manage the “fire hose” quite useful. Here at the goose pond, RSS feeds are helpful when they alert us in real time about current news.   When you combine the two, you have a great news application.  One wouldn’t think there would be a way to improve such a great tool, but “Five Interesting Ways To Use Google News RSS Feeds” gives us great tips!

By learning more about these RSS feeds and incorporating a few interesting tricks to display and read these RSS news feeds, you’ll be able to stay on top of all the very best news as easily as possible.

Some of the tips are very simple to follow: find your preferred Google RSS feed, find news feeds for your topic of interest, create your own, and edit it to suit your preferences.  By managing your feeds, you can keep yours news content relevant.  The article goes on to explain ways that you can use the feeds for business, social networks, or personal Web sites and how to keep the content updated.  You can use Google Alerts, add new search terms, add a NewsShow, get Google Reader, or read them via NetVibes.  Before reading this article I did not realize how applicable RSS feeds were to every day websites.  Try them out for yourself.

Whitney Grace, March 29, 2011



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