SEO Experts Under the Microscope

April 3, 2011

Search engine optimization is an interesting service business. People with Web sites usually get low traffic. The notion of “build it and they will come” works in Hollywood. Not so much in the real world I assert. In order to get traffic, individuals poke around documentation and experiment to find ways to make a lousy site get traffic. With Google in the dominant position in Web search, SEO means spoofing the Google.

The tricks are clumsy; for example, describing a site with index terms unrelated to the focus of the site. Even big outfits find ways to outfox Google. I once used a German auto manufacturer’s tricks in my talks. Sigh. Bush league tricks. Yep, SEO.

So what? I just read “Is SEO Going to be Costlier in Coming Years?” There was a large amount of information in the write up. I wanted to pull out one quote that struck me as particularly interesting:

SEO as an industry is going to earn a distinguished place in IT service domain. It will earn much recognition and respect.

Oh, yeah. After more than a decade of excellence, respect is just around the corner.

Stephen E Arnold, April 3, 2011

No April fool either.


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