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April 8, 2011

We fielded a call about searching for information within Google Profile.

Late in 2008, Google launched its first cut of a tool designed to search the public pages of Google profiles.  After perusing “New Google Profile Search”, one sees that this feature has been updated.  At the top of the improvements list sit a friendlier interface and the presence of associated links in the search results, from a member’s blog or flickr account for example.  It seems an advanced search option for probing relevant details like locations also exists, though I am uncertain if this is part of the new package.

The original blogger notes:

“This feature is not yet enabled in the interface, but you can search Google Profiles by adding &tbs=prfl:1 to a Google Search URL.”

Normally this is the time I begin harping about the dangers of serving personal information on a silver platter, and the ensuing repercussions when a wolf shows up at the table, be it a criminal or a salesman.  I will not breech this topic today since individuals are largely chomping at the bit to complete these sprawling profile pages; “to each his own,” as they say.

So, in terms of a resource, Google has successfully made it easier to filter yet another aspect of life.  Just in time too, otherwise I may have had to actually talk to one of my friends.

Sarah Rogers, April 8, 2011



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