SEO Revealed. Exclusive Interview with Peter Niemi

April 26, 2011

An interesting challenge faces search engine optimization experts. Charging hefty sums, SEO experts now have to cope with demanding clients and Google’s increasingly aggressive efforts to improve the relevance of its search services. After my talk in Manhattan at the end of March 2011, I was able to interview Peter Niemi, founder of GHG Interactive, the marketing arm of Gray Interactive. In our hour long conversation, Mr. Niemi said:

The SEO experts are reeling from Google’s crack down on gaming the Google relevance system. Some SEO professionals react poorly to evidence that they may not be the smartest guys in the room as we saw…The majority of Web sessions commence with search. That’s where the eyeballs start, but not where they end. That’s the first problem, the lack of persistence. How do you get a customer if the customer never comes back or forgets you in a second or two?

He continued:

The second problem is that SEO is a commodity. Everyone is doing it to some degree, from the smallest blog to the biggest consumer brand site. SEO requires constant managing to achieve consistent success. In the last couple of years, more and more effort seems to be needed to keep one’s head above water. Market forces, competition, and changing technology require marketing professionals to revisit our campaigns more and more often. Search media agencies charge nice monthly fees to perpetuate what I call a “search arms race.” Google makes $28 billion a year off search engine marketing. In my experience, neither Google nor the marketers are motivated to challenge the status quo. Like investment banks, they make a good living off the status quo and change is not in their best interests.

With some Web sites struggling to reverse declining traffic, SEO is in the spotlight. To read the full text of the interview with Mr. Niemi, read “Google Squeezes SEO Experts: The Panda Choke Hold”.

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Stephen E Arnold, April 26, 2011

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