Bitten by a Mad Panda?

May 16, 2011 reports, “Google: Ask Yourself These 23 Questions if Panda Impacted Your Web Site.” In response to the outcry from sites that have been adversely affected by Google Panda’s reorganization of search rankings, Google has some questions for web masters to reflect upon. We noted:

Previously, beyond telling webmasters to identify and remove (or improve) low-quality or ‘shallow’ content, Google hasn’t had much to say. Until today, at least. In a new blog post on Google Webmaster Central, Google’s Amit Singhal has posted what he calls ‘guidance’ to webmasters in the form of 24 questions you should ask yourself as you go about recovering and determining ‘quality.’

The list of questions is too long to reproduce here, but the list seems pretty sensible to me. The article does, however, mention one flaw in the Panda’s procedures. It claims that “scrapers are outranking the original content in many cases.” Hmm.

What a mess SEO has wrought. Has Google caught the “soft revenue syndrome” or come down with a bad case of the “Facebook migraine”? I see the Panda crashing through the digital forest now. Gotta run.

Cynthia Murrell May 16, 2011


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