Forensic Logic: Open Source Search and Law Enforcement

May 20, 2011

An exclusive interview with Ronald Mayer, chief technical officer of Forensic Logic, reveals how open source search is contributing to law enforcement activities. Mr. Mayer will be one of the featured speakers at the Lucene Revolution conference in San Francisco the week of May 24, 2011. In the interview, Mr. Mayer observed:

he flexibility of Lucene and Solr interest are what really attracted me to Solr.  There are many factors that contribute to how relevant a search is to a law enforcement user. Obviously traditional text-search factors like keyword density, and exact phrase matches matter.   How long ago an incident occurred is important (a recent similar crime is more interesting than a long-ago similar crime). And location is important too.

When asked about law enforcement’s use of commercial proprietary search solutions, Mr. Mayer said:

Where appropriate, we also use commercial search solutions.   For our analysis and reporting product  that works mostly with structured data we use a commercial text search solution because it integrates well with the relational tables that also filter results for such reporting. The place where Solr/Lucene’s flexibility really shined for us is in our product that brings structured, semi-structured, and totally unstructured data together.

To learn more about Forensic Logic, navigate to For more information about Lucene/Solr, register now to attend the Lucene Revolution.

Stephen E Arnold, May 2011

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